Ultimate Surrender – S6E23 – (8) Bella Rossi vs. (9) Annie Cruz

the Annihilatrix is back to dish out more punishment, with her weapons of ass destruction. she cocked Trina Michaels clock off in her debut match, and now has her sights set on the pound-for-pound squirting queen of the adult industry.

Annie Cruz also holds a victory over Trina Michaels this season. she has been training with Dia Zerva, so there is much hope that she can make some progress up the Ultimate Surrender table in season 6.

heading in to this match, I was expecting one of two things: either I would be the only person on the US forum, to correctly predict Annie would win OR Annie would lose by a wide margin, get fucked in her ass, forced to squirt on the mat via a sybian, and left lying in a pool of her own love juices.

“Welcome to you’re doom!”

next week, we have two gals making their US debuts. Coffee “Grinder” Brown vs. Yana “Wildcat” Jordan. the winner of that match gets a spot in the top 10. I think we all know who Xavier would pick!

in other US news, it was revealed that while Isis is expected to make a full recovery from the torn ACL she suffered during a tag team match last summer, she will not be competing in season 6. we here at IGRO wish the Goddess…of Sodomy all the best. hope to see her in season 7


4 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S6E23 – (8) Bella Rossi vs. (9) Annie Cruz”

  1. ringmaster Says:

    Good to see a wrestler of Yana’s pedigree stepping on the US mat. She’s a great fighter and does’t have a problem with getting naked and nasty. I predict a Yana v Vendetta final.

  2. david Says:

    is yana’s girlfriend A wrestler call grace.

  3. ringmaster Says:

    Don’t know what they do in private but you can see Grace wrestling at Video Sports Ltd

  4. david Says:

    but they are bestfriends, i see them featuring together in websites ,but not all.

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