The Anus: Nature’s Most Enchanting Hole

so I sez to Mabel, I sez, “do you wanna come over and have a look at my Family Guy etchings?”

and she was all like “I don’t watch Family Guy”

so then I was all like “what’s an etching? I meant do you wanna come over and watch this documentary on enemas?”

after much trepidation on her part, I added “it’s in 720p for chrissakes!”

this is another awesome Kink test shoot, from the mind of Lochai. Dana DeArmond and Trinity Post are two dancers who arrive in NYC for auditions. the maid, played by Sev…er, I mean, Adrianna Nicole, shows up, and invites them out for a nite they shant soon forget. they arrive in a basement type thingy where Aiden Starr and Lochai are waiting to administer enemas. this is a 75-minute journey thru all things ass! enemas, ass worship, spanking, ass fucking, it’s an ass lovers dream! here’s hoping they will turn this in to a full-on site in the near future.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mabel!

watch the trailer here

watch the BehindKink feature on this shoot here

“not bad, could use more coconut”


One Response to “The Anus: Nature’s Most Enchanting Hole”

  1. ClintJCL Says:

    lol @ coconut

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