Any Hot Asian Chicks Wanna See The Caps-Flyers Game?

yeah baby, it could be you and me, sitting in section 111, row C, directly behind the Flyers penalty box this Tuesday!

we could grab a few pre-game drinks at The Greene Turtle, where I will delight you with no fewer than half-a-dozen memorable quotes from Xavier: Renegade Angel Season 1

from there, we head to our seats, which are located practically right at center ice. I’ve got enough Victor Von Doom quotes to choke a baby elephant, should Richards make an appearance in the Flyers penalty box!

this is old-school Patrick Division hockey at it’s best! Islanders? FUCKIN’ SUCK!!! Rangers? PFFFH!!! Penguins? Crosby and Malkin couldn’t carry Ovechkin’s jock!!! Devils? saw them beat the Bruins last month, they aight!

the Caps are stuck in a shook-ass division where they have no true rivalries (yet-yet-yet) the Hurricanes are just the Hartford Whalers in disguise. Lightning, Panthers, and Thrashers…weren’t even around 20 years ago, is the end of that sentence!

ahh, but nothing gets my bull runnin’ like Caps-Flyers. I can still remember the epic brawl they had back on February 10, 1991 at the old Capital Centre! the Caps have been drawing extremely well this season, but I’m still expecting to see at least 25% Flyers fans. the NHL wants you to believe the Caps big feud is Ovechkin vs. Crosby and the Pens, but it’s not, it’s Caps-Flyers!!!


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