Hartnell, Not Richards, Helps Doom Caps

well, looks like I’m 0-for-2 at Caps games this season. the evening started out with so much promise. Ovechkin scored his league-leading 44th goal, and the Caps had a 2-0 lead. then let the Flyers score 4 unanswered, including 3 goals within the span of just over 3 minutes, about midway thru the 3rd period.

overall tho, no complaints. it was a sellout crowd, with a decent number of Flyers fans in attendance. sitting directly behind the Flyers penalty box made me privy to a few witty barbs from Caps fans. in the 1st period, the Flyers…Scott Hartnell took a penalty for interference. at which point, a guy sitting a few rows behind me yelled out “hey Hartnell, your mom called. she wants her perm back!” that got quite a few laughs from folks in my section.

in the 3rd period, a hot chick sitting behind me yelled out “Flyers suck!” and just seconds later…Scott Hartnell scored to tie the game at 2. it must’ve been her first game, b/c her friend she was with, was explaining every little nuance. secretly, I wondered if she had a blog.

the Flyers took the lead for good just over a minute later on Jeff Carter’s 35th goal of the season, with an assist from…Scott Hartnell

unfortunately, there were no fights during the game. I thought maybe Donald Brashear would drop the gloves after getting tangled up with…Scott Hartnell, but no such luck.

and that’s why we’re naming Scott Hartnell our First Star of the Game, with a goal, an assist, and 3 minor penalties. here’s to you Scott, and your cremulescent mullet.

Ovechkin during the pre-game skate

Richards with a ref at center ice

man of the match, Scott Hartnell, and an amused security guy

the Flyers celebrate a 4-2 win


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