I Vow To Make A Consciencious Effort To Stay Active On Facebook

three failed blogs, five different myspace accounts, one lapsed account on flickr (which I still use on occasion) twitter, which I used for all of two weeks during June of ott-8. but, THIS TIME, I will maintain updates on facebook. apparently, it’s the next big thing for social networking sites on this here inferweb. as the farmer said to Xavier in episode 107 entitled Bloodcorn “I’ll do my best to try”

Vow…locked in!!!


One Response to “I Vow To Make A Consciencious Effort To Stay Active On Facebook”

  1. Clint Says:

    BTW, the best way to keep updating your status on facebook *IS* twitter:


    install it, and any tweet on twitter is copied over to your facebook. this potentially doubles your audience, but not really, as a lot of the people on twitter are also on facebook. but more importantly: You can update twitter via a myriad of open-source methods (like how I do it at my command-line), which you can’t do with facebook — unless you use this app, or use their gay facebook mobile client. So don’t give up on twitter.

    anyway – good to hear! see you soon.

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