Adventures In Selling Moderately-Priced Cameras (Which Also Happen To Be On Clearance)

so it turns out the camera model I sell more of than any other, the Sony W-120, went on clearance, a few weeks ago. I managed to sell the display last week, and figured I wouldn’t see any new Sonys until our planogram reset on March 15. well, it turns out we had two more come in. I sold one of them, but fell short of my goal selling the last one. without even having a display available to demo, I had it sold on two separate occasions! due to a marketing snafu, whereby someone forgot to throw away last week’s sales paper, we honoured a $109 price point for a camera that was $179. the woman bought the camera at the $109 price, but decided to exchange it for a Kodak.

not more than 30 minutes later, another woman came in looking at a Canon SD 1100 (which she eventually bought) once again, I had the 120 at the register, but upon further thought, she decided to go with the Canon. I think she would’ve bought the Sony were it not pink. I can’t fault her for going with the 1100, it’s a solid camera. hell, I used to own the 600. if the 120 is still there when I go in to work tomorrow, I shall not rest until I sell it! if anyone’s curious, I was using the Sony W-170 as the demo in lieu of a 120 display model.

and then there’s the Sony SR-11 HD hard drive camcorder. this sumbitch has a 60 GB hard drive, 10 MP for still photos, and still it sits on my corner display. begging to be sold, I have all the accessories for it. I’ve already sold the 11s big brother, the 120 GB SR-12, it’s younger bro, the 40 GB SR-10, and it’s distant cousin, the UX-10, which records to mini-dvds. the CX-7 sits just a few feet away, but that will never be sold b/c it has no built-in flash memory, and runs strictly off Pro Duo memory sticks. it was Sony’s first foray in to the HD camcorder market, and received mixed reviews, at best.

also, I have no Canon HF-10s in stock right now, which pisses me off. it’s going for around $700 now, and already three customers have asked me about it. this is one of the better HD flash memory-based camcorders you can get right now. 16 GB built-in, with an SDHC card slot. it’s not even on clearance, so I’m starting to wonder why I haven’t seen any come in for the last several weeks. DWAH?!?


One Response to “Adventures In Selling Moderately-Priced Cameras (Which Also Happen To Be On Clearance)”

  1. Clint Says:

    damn… is there anything for like $75 that’s, say, 7MP?

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