Local Idiot Remembered By More People Than He Originally Thought

it’s been a week since I joined facebook. as of the publishing of this article, I had 45 friends on my list. quite a few folks still remember me from high school. I still can’t believe it’s been almost 15 years (2010) since I graduated.

I’ve also got a few celebrities who were nice enough to add me. Tim Heidecker (TEASGJ) Isis Love (Kink) and Jim Tozzi (PFFR) as my friend told me “it’s always good to keep the fanboys around, but not too close.” HA HUH?!? it was also around this time that I became overly paranoid about the true power of facebook. maybe, I don’t need to twitter about every little thing I do. two people that did not know each other, each twittered about someone named Addison, within a span of a few days. my mind hadn’t been that blown since that time I ate one of Xavier’s thurritos.


…and then I was gone


One Response to “Local Idiot Remembered By More People Than He Originally Thought”

  1. Clint Says:

    hahaha… g’day, Addison!

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