I’m Thinking About Buying A Camcorder

we got the new Sony SX-41 about a week ago. this is the first standard-def Sony camcorder I’ve seen that records to flash memory (8 GB) it also has a slot for a Pro Duo Memory Stick. I’ve been itching to get one for a while. I didn’t really wanna deal with tapes or dvds, and I’d rather not deal with complications that could arise from recording to a hard drive. it’s retailing for about $329, and with my employee discount, the price point drops right in to my buying wheelhouse, whatever that means?!?

in financial news, I’m really glad I sold my stock in Best Buy after it topped out at $30/share. seeing as how it’s dropped about 20% since then. maybe, I’ll buy it again when it drops to around $20. I’ll go ahead and put some of that money towards a new camcorder.



One Response to “I’m Thinking About Buying A Camcorder”

  1. Clint Says:

    good move on the stock.. shit.. i always had stock option promises in job interviews and they never delivered. except the job i quit. they gave me $10K months AFTER i quit. fancy that. but it wasn’t stock, it was a buyout that happened before i quit. i also got to watch all the MCI and Cable & Wireless people shit in their pants at work when the stock dropped at those respective companies, when I worked in both their internet engineering departments as a report lackey…

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