Ultimate Surrender – S6E27 – (8) Bella Rossi vs. (6) Yana Jordan

two of Ultimate Surrender’s top rookies go head-to-head in this week’s installment. Yana had her way with Coffee Brown, while Bella made quick work of Trina Michaels and Annie Cruz. the winner takes another step toward the upper tier, and the inside track on Ultimate Surrender’s coveted Rookie of the Year award.

Bella jumped out to a 60-point lead after the first round. Yana came roaring back in round 2, cutting the deficit to 17. Bella held on for a 261-230 win, improving her record to 3-0. this was another well-paced match that showcased both of their skillsets. regardless of the outcome, both of these ladies have proven they will be forces to be reckoned with come Summer Vengeance.

some slight modifications to my rankings: Bella has moved up to 6th, Alexa moves up to 9th, Wenona replaces Yana (10) in the top 10. next week, THE BUTCHER RETURNS!!!



7 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S6E27 – (8) Bella Rossi vs. (6) Yana Jordan”

  1. ringmaster Says:

    It’s Bella v Ami for rookie of the year. They should be allowed to fight it out for the title in front of a live audience with the loser getting jizzed on by the crowd.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      ooh, I smell a Kink.com crossover! have round 4 turn in to an episode of public disgrace. two shoots in one, great idea!

  2. ringmaster Says:

    Bella and Ami are willing sluts who have had this kind of thing done to them before and enjoyed it, so a gangbang-related forfeit for the loser is a must in my view. Maybe a male and female gangbang?

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      in keeping with the continuity of Ultimate Surrender, an all-girl gangbang would be fabulous! imagine having several lucky ladies come out of the audience, to have their way with the loser. I could see Isis taking charge of something like this!

  3. ringmaster Says:

    Isis could also bring along a couple of tranny cocks from TS Seduction. There is defintely scope for something nasty here and Bella and Ami are the perfect pair to make it work.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      Bella’s gonna get roughed up by Dia next week, somewhere to the tune of 200-300 points.

  4. ringmaster Says:

    Will be good to see Bella get fucked. I think she’ll put up a good fight though.

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