Remember That Time I Wrote An Email To PFFR

of course you don’t, because up until now, I never revealed the contents of what I wrote. in essence, I queried the powers that be whether Xavier was, in fact, Canadien. lo and behold, it was revealed during the latest episode Haunted Tonk that he is from Canada! no mention of which province, but mymoney is on Ontario. here’s a brief synopsis of some Quall-ity [as] programming I watched yesterday:

Tim and Eric hire a guest director; “Jessica Alba” stars in the “Pig Man” sketch; Fred Willard for Cinco “Mancierge”; the T&E singers with their list of the things they like

comedy legend, Fred Willard, pimpin’ the Cinco “Mancierge”

with his marriage on the rocks, Jon finds love with a customer at his Rage Cage. things quickly turn sour, when he is introduced to the family.

owning your own business is a great way to meet women

Xavier: Renegade Angel
the origins of Xavier are delved in to when he takes a trip back to his childhood home, which has been turned in to a strip club for pregos.

Xavier: Renegade Violence Absorber

T&E wasn’t quite as funny as last week’s episode, but a solid effort, nonetheless.
Delocated was great! why are they moving the first-run eps. to Fridays? WHY?!?
X:RA is just so fuckin’ awesome! why aren’t they airing the new eps. on Sundays? WHY?!?


One Response to “Remember That Time I Wrote An Email To PFFR”

  1. Clint Says:

    Mancierge was awesome.. Fred Willard is usually funny.

    The Rage Cage was also a really good idea. I’m surprised something like that doesn’t really exist somewhere!

    I don’t really remembr that Xavier. They are so crazy I can barely remember what happened right after watching them 🙂

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