Date Goes Awry Following Botched James Quall Impression

Arlington, VA – local chomsky honk, Percy Handfisher, was in the news again this week. following a rather awkward finish, to one of his most recent social encounters.

the evening started all well and good, as he and a lady friend (who has requested anonymity) were set to enjoy a few libations, and watch Twilight (that movie what done got all those vampires in it)

“the movie was great! but things started to turn, when we tried to find other things to watch. he kept insisting on watching [adult swim] shows, which I was not too familiar with. I suppose he had one too many drinks in him, b/c after an episode of Tim & Eric, he thought it would be a good idea to do his James Quall impression. I had no idea who Mr. Quall was, so I just smiled politely, and tried to think of an excuse to get out of there.”

when reached for comment, Handfisher directed us to his spokesperson, who issued the following statement “we apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused Ms. X, but we stand behind Mr. Handfisher’s decision to do James Quall on a first date. that takes balls, and he should be commended for his actions.”

asked whether or not a second date was in the cards, Ms. X cracked a wry smile, and said “eh, as long as he agrees not to do any more of his gawdawful impressions, I guess so. I’d probably enjoy the shows more, if he’s not constantly talking over them!”

Handfisher’s reps later added that if this relationship turns serious, he was prepared to begin inundating Ms. X with multiple Xavier: Renegade Angel references by the fifth date.

Quall-ity work!


One Response to “Date Goes Awry Following Botched James Quall Impression”

  1. Clint Says:

    hahah ahe hhe ha hha hahahah

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