Like That Time When Snoop Dogg Did Xavier

would it turn out to be a miss like that Futurama movie, or would it turn out to be a comedy gem, sure to be talked about for generations to come, like Soul Plane? well, the answer dear readers is nigh!

Xavier introduces a homeless man to the finer things in life, when he dresses him up like a pig, so he can enjoy the benefits of living in an organic restaurant. Xavier enlightens the homeless man to the power of his aura, but Xavier’s tough love approach causes the aura to run away. in turn, the aura becomes a trick, working for tha D-O-Double G, and infecticides the town. it’s up to Xavier to pop…that sore which has enveloped the town.

Xavier: Rene-Gizzle Ange-Lizzle

I also watched The Soother episode of Delocated. Jon becomes a hit with the MILF community, when he records a cd of his voice, to help babies fall asleep. Kim makes Jon a mold of her hand, while she’s gone to Costa Rica, on her yoga trip. how will her hand fit in to their relationship, when she returns?!?; Jon’s federal agent is having a bad day.

Jon performs a live reading of “Napping Sounds” for some horny MILFs

wanna give a quick shout out for Saturday nite. I watched some dvd extras from Family Guy. it was absolutely fascinating to hear them talk about the transition from 2-D characters to 3-D action figures. I hadn’t been that enthralled with dvd extras since that time I watched Sindee Jennings douching on the toilet for the Girlgasmic behind the scenes.

also, another quick shout out to the woman who provided the musical entertainment at the party. she played the organ, and sang with a very deep baritone. it would give Peter Steele a run for his money. or, maybe she’s like the antithesis to King Diamond. in that she’s a woman, and she sang the exact opposite of King’s heavenly falsetto.

and now from the “when I watch tv shows with recurring themes in a relatively short period of time” department, I have also recently watched an episode of Weeds where Snoop Dogg made a brief appearance.


3 Responses to “Like That Time When Snoop Dogg Did Xavier”

  1. Clint Says:

    If you’re free Friday we can catch up on the last remaining [adultswim] shows….

    Antithesis of King Diamond!!! FRickin’ brilliant man!!!!! And yea… her, and the harmonica playing.. both amazing. For me to be impressed by a style of music I can’t stand says a lot about their performance value.

    Delocated is hilarious. The best part is that I can’t really explain why.

  2. Carolyn Says:

    Alison and Allen. They were very impressive. They had the whole party captivated until the police showed up.

    I have some homemade lip balm that Alison made. It works really well.

  3. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    I still don’t know how they got a noise complaint! other than that, no complaints.

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