Moderately-Paced Drinking Session Credited With Increased Work Productivity

last nite, I watched the latest National Lampoon movie Beach Party At The Threshold Of Hell first off, I’ll say I had zero expectations for this movie. I thought the Van Wilder movies were just gawdawful! I haven’t really liked a NL movie since Christmas Vacation came out almost 20 years ago.

the story revolves around a guy named Tex Kennedy who has two robots by his side. their job is to travel thru New America, circa 2097, and lead a blind man to a radio tower, so he can hail him as the new King. apparently, the country got fucked up (possibly under the watchful eye of Jane Seymour…allegedly) look, the point is, I had trouble following along, but the locations that they filmed at were fucking incredible! this is the kind of movie where the plot doesn’t hafta make sense in order for you to enjoy it.

this movie also features the Baldwin brother who’s not famous, or the one who’s a born-again Christian, or the one who did Celebrity Rehab with Andy Dick. oh yeah, I think it was Daniel. there was also a secondary, or perhaps tertiary character named Xavier. I give this movie 4 robots who look like humans and who also have human hearts…out of 5.

beach party

but wait, that’s not all…

prejudice rears it’s ugly head in the latest episode of Delocated Members Only when Jon enters a golf tournament at a prestigious country club. he becomes an honorary black man, which rubs off on his son. the movie they made about Susan airs on late-night television.

Jon attends a meeting of the Black Caddies Association

also watched the Coon episode of South Park. I thought it was pretty good, but the general consensus seemed to say this was not one of their better episodes.

a chocolate-peanut butter dessert was well-received by all partygoers, as well.

had to bail shortly thereafter due to work the next morning. I was on fire all day, put out THREE Canon Rebel XSis, some more Canon SD 790s, and a coupla Sony SX-41 camcorders (which I already pimped in a previous blog post) like I always say, as long as customers buy what I tell them to, everyone wins!


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