Ultimate Surrender 2.0 – Team Ninja vs. Team Ice

legend has it, that when Vendetta sodomized Kirra Lynne following their match in S6E21, she was really sodomizing the asshole in her mind. imparting to her, the wisdom of the ancients of Ultimate Surrender. Vendetta hand-picked Kirra to be her partner for the new season. they would call themselves Team Ninja. tho, it was not a tribute to either US season 3 champion, Crimson Ninja, or the development team responsible for the Ninja Gaiden games on PS3 and X360, the name seemed to stick.

Alexa Von Tess has a new partner this season, in rookie phenom, Bella Rossi. they’ve chosen the name of Team Ice, which is neither a tribute to Sub-Zero of Mortal Kombat, nor a reference to that 1977 Foreigner classic “Cold As Ice”

this match would set all kinds of scoring records, in the brief but storied history of Ultimate Surrender 2.0. Team Ninja racked up 1030+ points (there are only 3 digits on the scoreboard) Team Ice finished with 969 points, but might’ve won, had they properly executed their offense during their 2-on-1 advantages

Vendetta discusses the economic bailout plan with an audience member during round 4


3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender 2.0 – Team Ninja vs. Team Ice”

  1. ringmaster Says:

    Total quality fucking in Rd 4. Bella did not disappoint in the way she took the strap-on and the abuse from the blonde audience member. Kirra is a star as well. Lovely tight bod.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      until Dragon Lily or Syd return (which will probably be next season) Vendetta is the undisputed queen of Ultimate Surrender. I imagine she sees the most potential in someone like Kirra. a pairing of Vendetta and Ariel X in the tag team league would be unstoppable!

      and on a side note, I’m disappointed Alexa went back to black hair. she’s still sexy as hell, but I preferred her as a brunette/dirty blonde.

  2. David Quiapo Says:

    I agree to celticfrostedlakes that the pairing of vendetta and Ariel X in the tag team league would be unstoppable. BUT, they will have a hard time if the tandem of Syd and Janna will materialize. That if Janna is still planning to have a comeback.

    How can I download the tag team fight between Team Ninja vs. Team Ice? please advise me

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