Paranoid Neurotic Writes Long-Winded Email For No Reason

I reckon I ain’t never been much for socializing, but I suppose I can blow things out of proportion from time to time as well. like that time I wrote that long-winded email apologising for stuff I didn’t need to apologise for, and then going into detail about my plans for the future. cathartic? yes! painful to read? you betcha! the alcoholic in me has programmed me in to thinking things are much worse than they actually are.

I had just returned from watching the Caps lose yet again (albeit in OT) they are now 0-2-1 in games I’ve attended this season. upon arriving at my final destination for the evening, I engaged several in conversation. most, most folks, most, most folks, most folks, most, most, most folks have heard about it…very good, let’s try another one…that’s why, that’s why folks call, that’s why folks call it, I’m not getting anywhere with this one…alright, fine!

anywho, I had a few drinks in me from the game, and seemed to be going off on a tangent on Ultimate Surrender. I seem to recall mentioning my affinity for strap-ons at some point. err, perhaps, I’ve said too much. I was also very much intent on putting over Xavier: Renegade Angel, which we did watch a few episodes. I had a suspicion that my over-indulgence in my mediocre to average Xavier impression, may have annoyed some. at the end of the evening, I lamented on whether anyone truly enjoyed my company. my fears were deemed completely unwarranted and quelled via email communicae less than 24 hours.

and maybe one day, I’ll get that second date. of course, it’s not like I’m gonna wanna go out in public on said date. but it’s the idea that someone would spend more than 15 minutes with me without becoming physically ill, that keeps me from donating my penis to science.


One Response to “Paranoid Neurotic Writes Long-Winded Email For No Reason”

  1. Clint Says:

    Hehe…. Good times 🙂

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