One Man’s Crippling Addiction To Xavier: Renegade Angel

what I couldn’t remember was whether I had already forgotten if I had seen the most recent episodes of Xavier: Renegade Angel. journeying thru the remains of my tattered memory banks, I found some pretty disturbing stuff. just some storyline ideas I had written for Whipped Ass which were constipated, but NEVER CONSUMMATED!!!

a coupla female dommes ready to have their way with me. well I say, the ball-gag is in your court! douche with me what you will! the enemy of my enemy, is also the friend of my enema! my brown eye never saw it cumming! bent over a piece of gymnastics apparatus. what’s that old saying? never look a pommel horse in the mouth, unless you are willing to have it filled with the gift…of life-life-life


206 – Damnesia Vu
Xavier is experiencing deja vu, but can’t remember why! is he there to assassinate a donkey mayor, as part of some bizarre political coup? or is this merely PFFR’s tribute to Quantum Leap?!?

Xavier: Renegade Theologist

207 – Going Normal
Xavier runs amok in a cryogenics lab. he assumes the identity of “new Ryan” gets a job in corporate America, thinks outside the box, and helps build a hot dog chain to the moon.

Xavier: Renegade Family Man

208 – Kharmarabionic Lotion
Ameribot City becomes a destination hotspot for Muslim tourists, when Xavier convinces a town of gold-plated Americans to act like robots; Xavier takes out a missed connections ad to find his mother.

Xavier: Renegade Linguist

this Thursday, they are announcing the winner of the Xavier fanimation contest. I didn’t enter, b/c I’m not that creative, but I’m looking forward to seeing what my fellow Xavier fanboy brethren have come up with.

One Response to “One Man’s Crippling Addiction To Xavier: Renegade Angel”

  1. Clint Says:

    I still haven’t watched that last one…

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