Guitar Hero: Metallica Hands On

as I returned home from work yesterday, I found a copy of Guitar Hero: Metallica patiently waiting for me on the kitchen table.

they say this is the definitive collection of Metallica songs, but I disagree.

Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets have 4 and 6 songs represented, respectively. the only glaring omission is that they didn’t include the title track to RTL
3 songs off Kill ‘Em All, “Whiplash” “Seek & Destroy” and “Hit The Lights” but I woulda like to see them include “Four Horsemen” and “No Remorse”
…And Justice For All has 3 songs as well. “One” “Shortest Straw” and “Dyers Eve”
The Black Album has all 5 tracks Metallica released as singles. I’d rather not discuss anything they recorded after that.

so, is this the definitive collection? clearly not, I’m looking at you “Harvester of Sorrow”

before I started playing the game, I was scavenging thru the extras to see what kind of goodies they included. the best video (of those you don’t hafta unlock) is by far Metallica playing the Mercyful Fate medley live with King Diamond on vox!

so we had three men who all professed to love them some Metallica, at various points in their life-life-life. one man agreed to play guitar, while the other two would be locked in an epic battle to see who would sing, and who would be relegated to the drums.

it was decided that we would settle it over a game of NHL 09. I took the Caps, and my friend picked the Penguins (BOO!) after falling behind early 2-0, no thanks to Jose “I let in the softest goals…EVER” Theodore. I managed to claw my way back on the strength of timely 3rd period goals from Ovechkin and Backstrom. then, barely 2 minutes in to the overtime session, Brooks Laich snapped a wristshot past Marc-Andre Fleury’s glovehand to secure the win.

the rules for our GH: Metallica set were simple. three Metallica songs plus one non-Metallica song. nothing recorded after the Black album. One was off-limits as well, b/c it’d already been done countless times before. the Mercyful Fate medley was deemed too long. “Blackened” and “Harvester” which are my two favourite songs on …AJFA aren’t in the game. could not agree unanimously on a track from Kill ‘Em All. also split on tracks from the Black album, and Master of Puppets. after about 10 solid minutes of haggling, we finally worked out a decent setlist:

Fight Fire With Fire -> Sad But True -> Creeping Death -> Am I Evil? (Diamond Head)

this is the first Guitar Hero game I’ve played for more than 5 minutes. it’s also the first Guitar Hero game where I feel even remotely comfortable singing. it caught my attention, if only for the love they showed King Diamond. it would be pretty awesome if they released the Melissa album as DLC. definitely worth whatever they charge (as long as Metallica doesn’t make any money off it)

Motorhead – Ace of Spades
Mercyful Fate – Evil
both these songs are new versions recorded in 2008 for the game.

P.S.- I woulda sucked at drums!

James from Guitar Hero: Metallica
“which one of you fuckers illegally downloaded a copy of Master of Puppets?!?”


One Response to “Guitar Hero: Metallica Hands On”

  1. Clint Says:

    I’m looking forward to you bringing that over…. PS2, right?

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