Ultimate Surrender – S6E32 – (4) Dia Zerva vs. (5) Adrianna Nicole

when last we saw Adrianna Nicole and Dia Zerva, they were sexing up Ariel X and Tia Ling, on their way to capturing the season 1 tag team championship. but that was two months ago. they’ve done parted ways, and meet one-on-one in our first battle of top 5 ranked wrestlers.

not since the Mega Powers exploded at WrestleMania V, has the world frothed with this much anticipation over a tag team split. both ladies come in with 2-0 records on the season. one lady leaves with her record in tact. one lady is taken to the bathroom via a firemans carry, and forced to orally pleasure the winner.

a line in the sand has been drawn at the table of Ultimate Surrender. Dia took down her former tag team partner with the greatest of ease, forcing Adrianna to submit three times, en route to a 568-90 victory. it took us 7 months to get to this point, but there is now a sizeable gap between the top 4 wrestlers, and everyone else. I’m still not ready to put Dia any higher in my rankings than #4, but I like her chances against any of the other 3 ranked ahead of her. be it, Ariel X, Vendetta, or Darling.

Dia Zerva
Dia Zerva executes a perfect firemans carry following her match with the artist fka Seven

next week, the return of Calico!


5 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S6E32 – (4) Dia Zerva vs. (5) Adrianna Nicole”

  1. ringmaster Says:

    Calico is a pain slut with no wrestling ability, unless things have changed. Surely we should be seeing Summer Vengeance eliminators at this stage of the season.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      yeah, but she is wrestling Sinn Sage, who didn’t show much against a rusty Amber. either way, I agree, the SV eliminators start next week!

  2. ringmaster Says:

    The likely SV 16: Vendetta, Ariel, Darling, Dia, Yana, Ami, Bella, Kirra, Madison, Hollie, Amber, Wenona, Alexa, Tia, Coffee, Sasha. More who should be there but won’t: Kiki, Samantha Sinn, Penny Play. Syd I won’t miss because of her looks and boring wrestling style. Anyone else have wrestlers they would like to see in the bracket?

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      my list would include Adrianna and Sinn, in place of Coffee and Sasha. Calico could sneak in there, if she beats Sinn.

      I’ve always respected Syd’s style, but I’ve never been a fan of her tats. still, I hope she returns next season, along with Dragon Lily and Isis. assuming this season’s roster remains in tact, and throw those three in the mix, season 7 could be the most brutal yet!

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    I forgot Annie and I agree that Adriana should be in there. Coffee and Sasha are the weak links in my list. Syd’s tits are nearly as bad as her tats.Watching her aggressively fuck a pretty feminine loser has its moments, but that’s it.Given the quality on the current roster, season 7 should include weight categories where appropriate.

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