…And That’s Why I Never Made It On SNL

see, because SNL is a lot like wrasslin’
the host on SNL is like the creative team in wrasslin’
if you come up with good ideas, they’ll find a way to get you on tv that week.
but if none of your ideas fly, then you sit in the box and feel the shame.
my brand of humour was never really intended for consumption by the masses. I told Lorne Michaels as much when he saw me headlining a comedy festival to benefit topless womens shelters in Kamloops, BC.

anyways, let’s talk about some shows I watched last nite

Damnesia You episode of Xavier picks up where the Damnesia Vu episode leaves off. only this time, user-generated content is interspersed with PFFR Xavier content.

Xavier: Renegade User-Generated Content

Tim and Eric play a game of tennis…for $1 million…and Richard Dunn reprises his Academy Award-winning role as chair umpire, “Krag Zaxor” Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen, and James Quall are all gonna be there; Glen Tennis interviews the star of “The Pilgrums” Spagett endorses Cinco Cigarette Juice

Richard Dunn

I watched my first episode of Slacker Cats. I had as much fun identifying the voice actors as I did watching the show. Harland Williams (Canadien), Nicole Sullivan (Mort Goldman’s wife on Family Guy), and Alex Borstein (Lois on Family Guy) were ones that we immediately recognized.

watched the South Park episode where Randy and Stan discover warp speed. Earth is brought in to the Intergalactic Union of Planets…or are they?


2 Responses to “…And That’s Why I Never Made It On SNL”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    We also watched the South Park about the fishsticks. hehehe

  2. Clint Says:

    I had to get Carolyn to remind me of that as well. While sleeping all night, all I could remember was the 1st South Park we watched, not the 2nd.

    And Guitar Hero:Metallica certainly kicked ass. One thing we didn’t try was using the multitap in the player 2 slot.

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