No, I’m Sorry, I Don’t Have The Number To Kodak’s Helpline

if you woulda just done like I told you, and bought a Canon, we wouldn’t be in this situation. and then ppl try to catch an attitude with me. I sure as fuck am not gonna look at your camera, and try to fix it. they try and tell me I’m supposed to promote all brands. they say I’m not doing my job, by putting one brand over another. well, if I’m there just selling any brand we carry, I’m not doing my job. I educate muthafuckas b/c I sure as hell don’t want them coming back and complaining that I sold them a bad camera. seriously, I hardly ever see any cameras come back that I sell, b/c I try to sell only Sonys and Canons. it just makes for good business. my sales technique is FUCKING IMPREGNABLE!!! learn to deal with it, and we all succeed!


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