Ultimate Surrender – S6E33 – Sinn Sage vs. Calico

with Summer Vengeance right around the corner, this match is essentially a play-in game. Sinn Sage was nursing an injury on her way to defeat at the hands of Amber Rayne. not to mention, Sinn is also involved in a scene with Ariel X in the new Bitchcraft 6, where Ariel eats cake out of Sinn’s ass.

when last we saw Calico, she was on the business end of a strap-on fucking at the hands of Wenona in the first Summer Vengeance tournament, back in the summer of ott-7. Calico is on spring break from NYU, and frothing for a chance to break in to the top 16. a win would practically secure her place.

Sinn’s powerful leg-scissors proved to be too much for Calico to overcome. Calico was shut out in round 3, and forced to submit multiple times. bonus points were also awarded (by me) for a solid fishhook technique in round 4. a solid victory for Sinn, that lands her in Summer Vengeance III.

Sinn vs. Calico

and there’s plenty of news to get to this week:
Alexa Von Tess and Kirra Lynne have both retired…Adrianna Nicole sprained her ankle, and will be unable to compete in the upcoming taping this Friday…Isis Love aka THE GODDESS OF SODOMY is returning to the tag team league!!! could a return to singles competition be far behind?!? she might be rusty, but I’d probably still rank her at #5…after months of thinking she was gone, Claire “Into The Crypts Of” Dames showed up in this week’s rankings. I’m not sure if this was a typo, but she is ranked below the cutoff line for Summer Vengeance…May 1 marks the continued evolution of Ultimate Surrender. when tag team warfare gets taken to a whole ‘nutha level!!!

next week brings us an epic clash of the titans, as Dia Zerva takes on Darling. in what COULD be a prelude to the Summer Vengeance championship match!


3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S6E33 – Sinn Sage vs. Calico”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    The loss of Alexa and Kirra is tragic. Two great bods for naked wrestling. Maybe Kirra got scared being slammed into the mat under Bella in the tag team. Hope we get some quality replacements in time for SV. Not sure that Sinn is up to it. Will be good to see Isis back but I’m not sure she’d make the top ten. Prediction for next week: winner Darling by less than 100 points.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    yeah, you’re probably right about Kirra. I dunno why else she would leave after just starting in the tag league. I’m picking Dia by around 50! still waiting to see who’s working the match they’re filming tomorrow.

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    Darling is good at scoring with face licking and tit fondling etc, so I think she will rack up more points while she has control. In matches between elite wrestlers which are likely to be relatively low scoring they should award more points for a submission. I think this would lead to more interesting and tense contests and better wrestling.

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