Braingea’s Final Cranny

“mom spelled backwards is wow, and wow spelled backwards is woe is me that I can’t seem to find my mom.”

and with those immortal words, so begins the conclusion to Xavier’s season-long quest to find his mother. after crying himself silly for nine months, he finds himself at the beach, where he befriends a boy in a dolphin costume. Xavier’s tough love approach causes the boy to go insane. Xavier follows the boy to the mental hospital. once inside, Xavier must convince the hospital staff he is insane, so that he can continue searching for his mother. it’s mind over brain matter!

Xavier: Renegade Reverse Psychologist

not sure if this was the season finale, or perhaps the series finale. Xavier mentions that he has reached land’s end. now, that he has apparently found his mother, what’s left for him to do? well, if this is the end, I must say, this will go down as my all-time favourite [adult swim] program right next to Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


One Response to “Braingea’s Final Cranny”

  1. Clint Says:

    Glad we finally got to watch this with you last nite! It is indeed sad that this season is over… Already. This show went by too fast. What, 20 11-minute episodes? That’s 220 minutes, or just 3 hrs 40 minutes of Xavier. There should be more…..!!!

    It does make sense, in a way, that’s it’s over. Season 1 dealt with his father. Season 2 dealt with his mother. But maybe they could have a brother or something during the next one.

    It was weird when he looked in the mirror and saw himself as he really is…(?!?!?!).

    Crazy episode, as usual 🙂

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