Now, Defecate Your Own To Go Box!

here’s a quick synopsis of some shows I watched last nite.

Robot Chicken – (1) the one with the Inuyasha sketch: (2) the one with the Wrath of Khan sketch

Xavier: Renegade Angel – Braingea’s Final Cranny (possible series finale?!?)

Squidbillies – the one where Dan Halen combines Early’s DNA with that of a chicken (HILARIOUS!)

South Park – (1) Stan tries to return a margarita maker: (2) Cartman lives out his dream of being a pirate

The Office – Michael, Pam, and Ryan return and a battle ensues over stolen clients; casual Fridays is a flop

played thru the Mercyful Fate medley on Guitar Hero: Metallica! I hadn’t been this pleased with myself since that time I convinced ABC to cancel According To Jim

two shows incorporated Best Buy references in to their episodes. the South Park “Margaritaville” episode and Squidbillies



3 Responses to “Now, Defecate Your Own To Go Box!”

  1. Clint Says:

    mega-tv nite.. someday we’ll watch a movie when there’s not all these damn good shows to watch 🙂

  2. Clint Says:

    p.s. i thought your title was the recaptioned lolcat for oranjello, i thought i said, “Now, Defecate In Your Own Box!”, with him pointing to the turtle…

  3. CarolynCASL Says:

    We also watched an Aqua Teen last night. I almost forgot about it.

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