Pacquiao KO Hatton 2

so much for all that talk of fight of the year potential. this was one of the most thorough and complete ass-whoopings I have ever seen! Hatton went down twice in the first round, and I thought they woulda stopped it then. I guess Hatton’s a glutton for punishment, b/c he came out for round 2, and got his ass handed to him for another three minutes. Pacquiao landed a left that knocked him the fuck out with a second to spare. a knockout so brutal, Larry Merchant quipped “I just hope Ricky didn’t shit his pants on the way down.”

Referee Kenny Bayless administers a standing 8-count to Ricky Hatton, just before calling the fight

oh, btw, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. came out of retirement and will fight Juan Manuel Marquez in July, setting up a potential showdown with Pacquiao later this year.

in other news, I tweeted a few predictions Saturday afternoon:
picked the Caps to beat the Pens (Caps won 3-2)
picked Friesan Fire to win the Kentucky Derby (he finished 18th…out of 19 horses)


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