Local Idiot Not Voting In Local Election

and you expect me to wear pants for something like this?!? I’ve got better things to do, like handle my junk for about 30 minutes, listen to King Diamond, watch [adult swim] programming that I forgot I had already seen, down a six pack of Corona for Cinco de Mayo, and then it’s off to work. voting, pffft, yeah, who’s voting?!? city council, hey, I’ve seen Weeds! I know it’s just a bunch of folks getting drunk and talking about zoning permits and property abutments. you’re not fooling anybody!


One Response to “Local Idiot Not Voting In Local Election”

  1. Clint Says:

    hehe…. isn’t it [adultswim] not [adult swim] 🙂 okay.. that’s all i’ve got.

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