Answering Less Tangible Questions…Of Life

the answer is yes, well kinda
and the question is “does a woman who use the term “mang” listen to Ween?

I found out my answer yesterday morning when the woman who originally used the term “mang” nearly 2.5 months ago, returned to buy an SLR. she already had some Nikon lenses, so she went with the D60. more importantly tho, she said she has listened to Ween, and that she might have picked up the term from her sister (who presumably also listens to Ween)

it was arguably one of the best days I’ve had at work in quite some time. my tix for tonite’s Game 5 arrived via Fed Ex, just as I was about to leave for work (great timing) I got one of my most sought after questions answered, and I almost single-handedly crushed a budget of nearly $11k in just under 6 hours. my manager musta been truly impressed b/c he bought me a Sprite.

I’d just like to thank Gene and Dean Ween, Claude Coleman, Dave Dreiwitz, Pat Frey, MC Vagina, jennymonster, buttsled, misterpid, grows on trees, eddie dingle, Hill, backalleytrash, teej, justron, sprockethole. oh gosh, I’m probably leaving out a whole bunch of other ppl. uhh, everyone else on the Ween Forum, and everyone at chocodog records, and of course last but not least the almighty Boognish

well, I gotta ramble…working 10-4 and then it’s off to Caps-Pens. later, chomsky honks!



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