A New Level…Of Confidence…And Power

sweet power!!! just like that Pantera song, only without all the screaming and the yelling and the ringing in my ears, GOOD GLOYVIN!!!

so my manager is being let go, my supervisor is being demoted, but don’t let that give you any indication of my overall job performance. I’m still there…telling customers what cameras to buy…still getting the repeat business…still wheeling and dealing…still generating revenue…still generating profit margin…still setting the fucking tone…instead of following it!!!

yeah, it’s retail, but I still take pride in my job. I’d rather be really good at what I do, than just be going thru the motions…and selling Kodaks



One Response to “A New Level…Of Confidence…And Power”

  1. Clint Says:

    haha.. Kodaks

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