huepow Announces West Coast Dates For “Complete Rectal Shutdown” Tour

it’s finally official! I will be out in California the week of July 24-30. as I have previously mentioned, I’ll be in San Francisco on the 24th for the Ultimate Surrender match: Vendetta & Isis vs. Dia & Yana. if you told me three years ago, that I’d be watching hot chicks wrestle, and then have sex with each other, I woulda thought you were some sort of genius. and yet, here we are! I’ve been a member off and on of the site since 2006, and I’m extremely excited to finally meet some of these folks in person! most notably, the goddess…of sodomy!

I fly in to LAX the following morning, where I’ll probably be hanging out on the Sunset Strip that evening. the last time I was there, it was awesome! from where my friend lives, we could see the Roosevelt Hotel aka the place where Marilyn Monroe OD’d! we visited the Rainbow Room, where Guns N’ Roses filmed their “November Rain” video. checked out the Hustler store for a larf. Blu-ray porn! my god, what a time to be alive!

I’m also excited to announce that I’ll be attending Comic-Com in San Diego on July 26! I’ve never been to one of these things before, and I’ll admit that I’m not big in to comics. I reckon if [adult swim] has a booth, it would be THE FUCKIN’ TITS!!! maybe I can get Seth Green to spit in my face, that would be cool!

on July 27, I’ll be heading to Chatsworth to direct Hits From The Bung 2. it’s the follow-up to last year’s masterpiece that was nominated for “Best Anal Themed Release” by the AVN. Kristina Rose will be taking her first on-screen double anal, and we’re absolutely thrilled about that!

haven’t really planned out the rest of my trip. possibly take a stroll down the old Santa Monica boardwalk, maybe go to a Jack In The Box. I’m currently in talks to visit a Ween forumer who lives in Orange. I’d also like to check out my friend who does stand-up. still two months away, but I’m glad to have all this time to prepare, and make sure this tour goes off without a hitch!


One Response to “huepow Announces West Coast Dates For “Complete Rectal Shutdown” Tour”

  1. Clint Says:

    Oh man, you’re going to Comic-Con too?!?! Fucker. There will be lots of cool stuff there. Be prepared to take shitloads of pictures and put them on your flickr [please!].

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