I Just Watched Me Up Some [adult swim] Programming

the Squidbillies episode where Early tries to blow up the book fair. the Aqua Teen episode with a balloon Hitler. this Sunday nite is the live action ATHF starring T-Pain as Frylock, H. Jon Benjamin as Master Shake, and a red medicine ball as Meatwad. this is also the much-ballyhooed episode where some lucky fan gets to play Carl.

The sheriff teaches Early and Dean Koontz how to read on a very special Squidbillies

The Aqua Teens share a special moment with a balloon Hitler


One Response to “I Just Watched Me Up Some [adult swim] Programming”

  1. Clint Says:

    Hehe yea… I had trouble remembering what happened in both eps when Carolyn & I woke up at 4:30AM due to a thermal alarm on my computer upstairs (it really only wants to exist with the case door cracked open).


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