Poker Game Clouded By Issue Of Bedskirt Purchase

time to shuffle up…and squeal like a pig! I played Texas Hold ‘Em for the first time in several months last nite. $10 buy-in and if I had cashed out when I originally intended to (after quadrupling my chip stack) everything woulda been perfect. but, alas, I decided to say fuck it, and play until no one else wanted to. so I left with nothing, but the memory of a young couple arguing over a $10 re-buy as it related to the purchase of a bedskirt.

at first, I thought they were joking around. but the banality of the conversation soon gave way to the tonality of their vocal inflections! I hadn’t felt that awkward since that time James Woods stole my identity, and then threw me out of my own house!


2 Responses to “Poker Game Clouded By Issue Of Bedskirt Purchase”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    LOL. Was that after I went to bed?

  2. Clint Says:

    bwahahahahhahaha…. [voice=Moe from simpsons]Trouble in paradise…[/voice]

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