Mr. Kennedy Released By WWE…KENNEDY!!!

from the department of “wrasslers who never done quite lived up to their potential” comes news that Vinman has released Mr. Kennedy. this happened just four days after Kennedy returned to in-ring action in the “Nuggets vs. Lakers” 5-on-5 main event at this past Raw.

Kennedy’s biggest accomplishment was winning the “Money In The Bank” ladder match at WrestleMania 23 two years ago. he was never able to cash in, as he tore his right biceps muscle a month later. this was essentially the beginning of the end for Kennedy in WWE. upon his return, he was suspended for violating the WWE’s “Wellness Policy” he missed more time in 2008 with a shoulder injury. went to Puerto Rico to shoot a direct-to-DVD movie, blah blah blah…it was reported that Kennedy may have suffered a wrist injury during his return match on Raw this past Monday. so much for workmans comp! his character will be best remembered for his over-the-top ring intros, and some of the most creative promos this side of The Rock.



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