Boss New Xavier Shirt Tabbed For Comic-Con

in a move analysts had predicted for several weeks, local chomsky honk, Percy Handfisher, announced he would be wearing the Xavier shirt he recently purchased to Comic-Con.

“yeah, I sent PFFR an email inquiring as to whether they would have a booth at Comic-Con. they replied that Xavier was asked to not come. they also added that I should wear the shirt loudly and proudly.”

in a statement released thru his agent, Percy went on to say that he was “a fan of comics for as long as I can remember right now.” he looks forward to styling and profiling all over San Diego in his Xavier shirt, and hopefully meeting Seth Green and/or anyone who works at [adult swim] he closed with “and I ain’t done forgot about you neither, Olivia Munn!”

Percy will be attending Comic-Con on July 26 as part of his “Complete Rectal Shutdown” tour scheduled for July 24-30.



One Response to “Boss New Xavier Shirt Tabbed For Comic-Con”

  1. Clint Says:

    that would be amazing if there were Xavier comics

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