Summer Vengeance III – Week 2 – Tia Ling vs. Sasha Lexing

first round action continues as two rookies go toe-to-toe for the chance to face Ami Emerson.

Tia Ling was sexed up by Ariel and Darling in her previous matches. her skillset continued to improve, as she would later team up with Ariel in the tag league. following a right good ass fucking at the expense of Annie Cruz, Tia enters Summer Vengeance as the #13 seed.

Sasha Lexing has only one match to her credit (a 475 point loss to Wenona) and judging from her pre-match interview, was happy just to be a part of Summer Vengeance.

Sasha got all of 6 points in the first round, and never scored again after that. Tia’s brutal combination of scissor-locks and a solid fingering technique kept Sasha on the ropes for almost the entire match.

next week, a rematch from the highly-acclaimed Zeus exhibition match, at the end of the season. did Madison throw the match for the love of a big black beef stretcher, or is Amber gonna whoop her ass again?

Tia vs. Sasha


2 Responses to “Summer Vengeance III – Week 2 – Tia Ling vs. Sasha Lexing”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Tia v Ami should be a quality contest. Ami will win and fuck her mercilessly but it will be a hard struggle between two lean, fit bods eager to get their fingers into each other. Madison will lose again to Amber regardless of the fuck implement awaiting her. Amber is getting better the more she wrestles and it’s always good to see her taking an assfuck. No doubt this will happen in rounds two or three.

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Further enquiries about Tia Ling have revealed that she is a multi-cock gangbang freak. Four rods seem to be her minimum requirement. This makes her ideal for the boxing ring gangbang contest which would make such a great Kink site.

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