A Weekend Without Pantaloons!!!

a lapse in scheduling has resulted in me having a rare three-day weekend, Saturday-Monday. what to do, what to do? not wear pants, that’s what! I was planning to watch a marathon of Charm School with a lady friend o’ mine. you my gurl, Bubbles! other possible activities include getting hammered on a fifth of Crown Royal and then belting out some King Diamond. probably gonna watch that new Randy Savage dvd at some point, too. play some Infamous, which I just picked up for PS3. put some Skinny Puppy in to heavy rotation, sit back and enjoy! btw, yesterday was the two year anniversary of the Skinny Puppy show @ 9:30 club, which currently ranks as the best show I’ve ever seen! Ogre -> Al Jourgensen -> Trent Reznor



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