Artie Lange Takes Shit All Over Joe Buck Live

not literally of course, but it did make for the only entertaining segments, in what was an otherwise disastrous debut for Joe Buck’s brand new talk show.

never one to back away from controversy, HBO is already policing youtube, and pulling any clips from the interview. you would think they would want to capitalize on the publicity! but no, they’d much rather try to pretend that the interview never even took place. thank goodness the good folks over at Stern Fan Network are hosting clips from Artie’s appearance.

seriously, what the fuck were they expecting from one of Howard Stern’s sidekicks? did they think Artie would show up (sober) to discuss whether the Phillies would repeat? I can’t imagine that they didn’t know what they were getting themselves in to by booking Artie on the show. his segments followed an interview with Brett “just sign with the Vikings, and shut the fuck up!” Favre, that was about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Artie made homophobic remarks about Buck and Dallas Cowboys QB, Tony Romo. he also called Romo’s girlfriend, the talented as a toaster oven, Jessica Simpson, a fat chick, comparing her to Chris Farley from those Gap sketches. he also told Joe that if he wanted A-list celebrities, he should hang out at David Letterman’s show. which I guess was kinda self-deprecating humour, but also a subtle shot at Paul Rudd and Jason Sudeikis, who also appeared on the show.

I hadn’t seen anything that brown since the cover art for Ween’s The Pod album.

Artie Lange


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