I Updated The Food Party Wikipedia Page Today

so now, instead of it saying “N/A” for original airdate for Food Party 02 “Cave Duck”, it says June 16, 2009. YEAH!!! you can thank me later! anyways, enough with the self-adulation. I watched the newest eps. of Squidbillies and Food Party, and here are some of my thoughts:

Rusty wants to learn more about his family tree, but ends up hearing all about Granny’s sexual conquests over the years, instead; Early buys some bullet hole decals for his truck.


Food Party
Thu goes on an adventure, where she kills a bird. to appease the spirits, she must now use every part of the bird in a meal.

Food Party

my analysis:
this has been a pretty good season of Squidbillies so far! the second episode of Food Party was not quite as good as #1, but I’ll keep watching, seeing as how there are only 4 more eps. left in the season.


One Response to “I Updated The Food Party Wikipedia Page Today”

  1. Clint Says:

    I gotta lay off the everclear.

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