huepow: Renegade Neurotic – S1E08 – Escape From Artopian Freedom

ever have one of those days where you feel like you’re in an episode of Xavier: Renegade Angel? it happened to me on Saturday nite!

after a long day of peddling camera and camera accessories, I ventured in to SE DC, to Artomatic, to check out my friend’s band play! it was awesome b/c it was like an art building with 9 floors of art, and then they had a hall on the first floor for live music. upon arriving at the venue, I ran in to a lovely chap who said he was a starving artist from West Virginia, and asked me for a donation. I obliged b/c why not right? I had a pretty tits day at work, I had some cash to blow, I was craving an ice cold beer, and I was just happy to be doing something on a Saturday nite!

once inside the venue, I headed straight to the bar for a few amber lagers to whet my pallette. the concert area reminded me of the Xavier episode where Xavier ventures in to…


b/c it had some cool art

Wreck shit

and some bean bag chairs to crash on.

Crash Couches
“catch some ZZZZs if you please”

my friend’s band is called Monster Tail, but I didn’t realize who else was in the band until just a few minutes before they took the stage. they are a female vocalist with a drummer. I describe them as “Go-Go music for crackers” after their set was done, I spent the rest of the nite checking out various pieces of art on multiple floors of the gallery…

and searching for the man who stole my father’s crystaline necklace!

“the thief was riding a unicycle, did you see him?”



One Response to “huepow: Renegade Neurotic – S1E08 – Escape From Artopian Freedom”

  1. Clint Says:

    i look forward to part 2??? hehe


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