Summer Vengeance III – Week 4 – Hollie Stevens vs. Yana Jordan

the first round concludes with an epic clash between the # 9 and 10 seeds in this year’s tournament.

Hollie Stevens, who represents the old guard of Ultimate Surrender. originally debuted in season 2; after a freak neck injury took her out of seasons 4 and 5, she compiled a 1-2 record in season 6. we always think of her as the star of Clown Porn, but she is also one of Matt’s fiercest competitors.

Yana Jordan represents the new class of Ultimate Surrender. she went 2-1 in her rookie season on the mat, holding wins over Coffee Brown and Amber Rayne; she also suffered a narrow defeat at the hands of fellow season 6 noob, Bella Rossi, by a mere 31 points.

while she possesses a solid ground attack, the knock on Yana’s game is that she often times struggles from the bottom position. this would turn out to be her downfall in what was easily, the most hotly-contested match of round 1. Hollie goes over 289-198, setting up a rematch of the “Lucifuge” match vs. the artist fka Seven from earlier this season.

Claire Dames returns to action next week vs. Wenona in what is sure to be a contrast in styles. just how many Celtic Frost references I’ll be able to fit in to that blogpost remains to be seen. Ladbrokes has set the early over/under at 3!

Hollie pays tribute to Xavier: Renegade Angel, by performing her own…Vibracaust


3 Responses to “Summer Vengeance III – Week 4 – Hollie Stevens vs. Yana Jordan”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Hollie is a big gangly girl and when she got on top Yana had no answers. Can she give Adriana the beating and assfucking that’s coming to her? Not sure. Claire Dames to win next week. Have you seen her boxing ring gangfuck yet? Awesome world class sluttiness.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    I like Claire to win next week as well. I think if she can somehow use her pendulous breasts to her advantage, she can overpower Wenona.

    Wenona is more of a style wrestler, trying to work fingers in her opponent’s pussy, kissing their neck, ie general molestation as opposed to putting her opponents in wrestling holds.

    Hollie probably beats Adrianna. if what I’ve been hearing is true, the artist fka Seven, is not at 100%. I hear she has been pulled from tomorrow’s tag match taping.

    haven’t watched the Claire Dames boxing ring gangbang yet, but I have it saved on the hard drive.

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    If Claire wants it enough she will steamroller Wenona with those huge tits and ass. I think Wenona will be rapidly discouraged if she has Claire’s cunt flaps planted firmly on her face in the early stages. Cultured wrestling it won’t be but who cares?

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