Summer Vengeance III – Week 5 – Wenona vs. Claire Dames

my blog turned one year old today, HOORAY! so we are going to do something special for this week’s Ultimate Surrender update.

first, we brought you the SOD tribute to Ariel X
next came the King Diamond tribute to Dia Zerva
today, the Frost has returned!!!

sung to the tune of Celtic Frost’s 1984 classic, “Into The Crypts Of Rays” we’ve reworked the lyrics, putting an Ultimate Surrender spin on it.

Claire Dames aka “The Juggernaut” vs. Wenona aka “The Gymnast” winner moves on to face Dia Zerva, loser goes home!!!

Claire Dames Had A Cunt
She Filled It Each And Every Night
With Instruments Of Carnal Pleasure
Causing Her Intense Delight

The Juggernaut, She Has Big Titties
Using Them To Smother Prey
Forcing Foes In To Submission
And Live To Fuck Another Day


So This Is Summer Vengeance
Where Losers Get Fucked
Shivering Orgasms On The Mat
Probed With Fingers, Made To Cum
Watch Them Squirt Where They Lie
Hitachis and Strapons, Matt’s Dreams
Halfway Came True


There Is The One They Call The Gymnast
Molested Victims In Her Wake
Wrapping Them In Vines Of Torment
None Of Whom Could Yet Escape

Wenona Worked Up Quite The Sweat
Propping Claire Against The Wall
She Thrust The Plastic Cock Inside Her
Anal Penetration Can Be Painful


Claire Dames
Perverted One
Holes For Semen
Humped For No Ability…

Claire vs. Wenona


2 Responses to “Summer Vengeance III – Week 5 – Wenona vs. Claire Dames”

  1. Clint Says:

    I look forward to listening to the song (maybe you should include a link to some YouTube videos of it?) while reading along with the lyrics! 🙂

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Claire was outclassed but deserves credit for refusing to submit and for being drilled in the ass, although Wenona only scratched the surface of her opponent’s anal fuck capabilities. Kink should let Claire run a boxing ring gangbang site if they want to showcase some really rough sex. She obviously loves it.

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