Summer Vengeance III – Week 6 – Ami Emerson vs. Tia Ling

two gals representing the new school of Ultimate Surrender hit the mat this week in a 2nd round match-up.

Tia Ling is coming off a victory against Sasha Lexing in the opening round, and has improved with each outing. Ami Emerson gets my vote for rookie of the year. she was 2-2 during the regular season, but further inspection of her record will show you why she will be one to watch in future seasons. her two losses were to Vendetta and Ariel X, not too shabby! and her two wins came against a pair of US veterans in Madison Young and Hollie Stevens.

this was a relatively low-scoring affair with Ami’s size advantage proving to be a difference maker, 199-54. Ami is really fuckin’ hot, esp. when she has her bangs in front of her face. as was the case when she was pounding Tia’s asshole with that strap-on in round 4. nice job, ladies! Ami advances to the 1/4 finals for a much anticipated rematch with Vendetta.

Ami v. Tia

oh, and hey, speaking of anal fuck fests! they finally unveiled the trailer for the Royal Madness match. this is gonna be a six v six tag match that will end in an epic 12-girl gangbang. so far as I know, the teams consist of:
Ariel X (c) Alexa Von Tess, Trina Michaels, Hollie Stevens, Julie Night, and Tia Ling
Darling (c) Amber Rayne, Claire Dames, Madison Young, Annie Cruz, and Ami Emerson

at least 8 of the 12 women involved have been known to do anal before, so this is gonna be great no matter who wins. and if there’s double penetration involved, that’s even better. the shoot will be available exclusively via KinkOnDemand from August 1. you can expect my full report on this match shortly thereafter. and I’ll also try and work my sources for any additional info when I hit up the tag match on July 24.


3 Responses to “Summer Vengeance III – Week 6 – Ami Emerson vs. Tia Ling”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Tia takes an ass fucking with style. Despite all those grimaces you know she loves it rammed up the shitbox.
    Ami will lose to Vendetta but not by much. It could be the lowest scoring US match ever. Can you get spead betting odds on that? Talking of spead betting, who is most likely to take a DP fucking in Royal Madness? Amber Claire and Annie obviously but with Ami also on the losing side, here’s hoping…

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    taking a quick glance at the teams for Royal Madness, I’d say Darling’s team has the edge. also, this match was probably filmed at least 6 months ago.

    Annie beat Trina, and Annie is their weakest link. Julie Night hasn’t wrestled in quite a while. I’d say if things play out accordingly, Ariel X will almost certainly be getting DP’d. after that it could be either Tia, Trina, or Julie, in that order. I’d also lay odds that Amber will be the first to tap that ass in the event of a DP. but, hot damn! the different combinations of penetrations is infinite! I’ll think I’ll try breaking down some odds and be back with more sometime next week.

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    There are some nasty cunts in that line up. Whoever loses faces a frenzied fucking from all angles.

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