Royal Madness 2009 – Team Darling vs. Team Ariel X

the evolution of Ultimate Surrender continues in the form of a brutal 12-girl tag match, culminating in a round 4 orgy of biblical proportions.

they had a coin toss to determine who would pick first. Ariel wins the toss, but defers, HMMMM! Darling must’ve read the scouting reports, b/c she wasted little time in taking Ami Emerson with the first pick. Ariel takes Alexa with her first pick. 2nd round: Darling picks Madison, Ariel picks her then-tag team partner Tia Ling. 3rd round: Darling goes with Amber, Ariel counters with Hollie. 4th round: Darling pick Claire Dames, Ariel goes with Trina Michaels. 5th round: Darling takes Annie Cruz, Ariel gets Julie Night.

once the draft is over, it’s time for teams to start drawing up gameplans. Darling’s team has the first pick of who to send out for round 1. they go with Madison Young. Ariel’s team counters with Julie Night. Julie hasn’t wrestled at Ultimate Surrender since season 3, and was no match for Madison. round 1 goes to Team Darling

Madison Young (Darling) 110
Julie Night (Ariel X) 11

for round 2, Ariel’s team sends out Tia Ling. Darling’s team goes with Amber Rayne. Tia showed some improvement over the course of her debut season in Ultimate Surrender, but once again, another dominant round for Team Darling.

Amber Rayne (Darling) 171
Tia Ling (Ariel X) 0

there’s a faint glimmer of hope for Ariel’s team heading in to round 3, Darling’s team has decided to send out Annie Cruz. Ariel’s team counters with Alexa Von Tess. this was just the result Ariel’s team needed, to get them back in the match.

Alexa Von Tess (Ariel X) 245
Annie Cruz (Darling) 3

round 4 featured the two gals we most wanted to see going head-to-head, Claire Dames and Trina Michaels. in what was an unexpectedly one-sided affair. Claire thoroughly dominated Trina from start to finish in achieving Team Darling’s second shutout of the match.

Claire Dames (Darling) 198
Amber Michaels (Ariel X) 0

round 5 featured a match-up between two gals that met in singles competition during season 6. IGRO’s rookie of the year, Ami Emerson against seasoned veteran, Hollie “Clown Porn” Stevens. with a similar result, Ami took care of business, all but assuring Team Darling of victory.

Ami Emerson (Darling) 111
Hollie Stevens (Ariel X) 37

the sixth and final round featured the team captains. and in what proved to be the most competetive round of the match, Darling squeaked out a narrow 3-point victory. this result did nothing to dissuade me from my firm belief that Ariel X will walk out of Summer Vengeance as the champion.

Darling 42
Ariel X 39

round 7 featured plenty of backdoor penetration, as the winners played musical chairs with their vanquished foes many orifices. members of Team Darling took turns escorting members of Ariel’s team off the mat. as the numbers began to dwindle, this allowed for ample double-team opportunities. Madison and Ami paired off on Trina, Claire and Darling worked over Ariel, while Amber and Annie were on Tia.

Ariel gets carried off by Darling, and now it’s an epic 6-on-2 fuckfest that leaves no orifice unfilled. Trina is getting worked over by Ami (V) Madison (A) and Claire (M) Tia is getting the business from Amber (V) Annie (A) and Darling (M) but wait, there’s more…Madison escorts Trina to the back and Team Darling commences to gangbang Tia Ling. Amber and Annie continue their DP assault on Tia, while she orally services the other 4 girls plastic cocks.

GAWDAMN, AM I EXHAUSTED! what you get is a 2.5+ hours of Ultimate Surrender at it’s finest. 6 rounds of wrasslin’ the trademark round 4, plus two BTS segments. one shot prior to the wrasslin’, and one shot prior to round 4. you also get three bonus scenes of round 4, each one shot from a different angle. if you are a fan of Ultimate Surrender, then you should definitely purchase this shoot. it’s not part of the regular site, but a test shoot available thru KinkOnDemand. back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled Summer Vengeance update…

Royal Madness 2009

One Response to “Royal Madness 2009 – Team Darling vs. Team Ariel X”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Don’t understand what Ariel was thinking of not picking Ami. Perhaps she was not aware of her ability back then. In the interest of variety perhaps Kink could consider a contest between two couples with alternate rounds of same sex wrestling and the same tag rules as US. Winners fuck the losers any way they like. It won’t be everyone’s bag but it might be interesting.

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