50 Bands I’ve Seen In Concert

here’s another note I made via facebook:

01. 311
02. 1349 (also the year the black plague invaded Norway)
03. A Perfect Circle
04. Agent Orange
05. Clutch
06. Celtic Frost (opened for TON in 2007, the best 30-minute set I’ve ever seen!)
07. Coal Chamber
08. Corrosion of Conformity
09. Cypress Hill (met Sen-Dog on the balcony before the show)
10. Danzig

11. Dark Funeral
12. Death By Sexy
13. Electric Hellfire Club
14. Enslaved
15. Faith No More
16. Fantomas (totally ghey for Mike Patton)
17. Full Blown Chaos
18. Guns N’ Roses
19. GWAR
20. Helmet

21. Instant Death (R.I.P. Scotty Byrne)
22. KRS-One
23. Kreator (TOR-MEN-TOR!!!)
24. Lacuna Coil
25. Lords of Acid
26. Melt Banana
27. Metallica
28. Moistboyz
29. Napalm Death
30. NERD

31. Nine Inch Nails
32. Otto Van Schirach
33. Paco (set consisted entirely of Misfits songs)
34. Pantera
35. Prong
36. Rammstein (actually got thru an entire set at the old Nation in DC!)
37. Secret Chiefs 3
38. Sepultura
39. Skinny Puppy (best show I’ve ever seen!!!)
40. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

41. Sound of Urchin
42. Stinking Lizaveta
43. Tapping The Vein
44. The End
45. Type O Negative
46. Virginia Coalition (went to high school with these brahs)
47. Voivod (with Jason Newsted on bass)
48. Ween (followed Gene and Claude to the Velvet Lounge after the 2004 show)
49. White Mice
50. White Zombie


2 Responses to “50 Bands I’ve Seen In Concert”

  1. Clint Says:

    somebody needs a songkick profile! 🙂
    BTW here’s my list:
    74 so far..

  2. amusescribbling Says:

    Is there a Top 5 for this list? A list of would not see again, would not miss if given another opportunity list. Just curious because I have not seen even a third of those but would be very interested in seeing several. I saw Finger 11, Nine Inch Nails, Evanescence, Johnette, Peter Murphy, Bette Midler, Korn, Disturbed, and a few more not mentioned. You list a few that I would love to see in concert, so without leading – which categories would you place these under?


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