Complete Rectal Shutdown – Day 2 – Santa Monica Promenade

after a helluva 21 hours in San Francisco, it was time to ramble to SFO to catch my flight to LAX. unfortunately, there was a bit of a delay b/c the plane hadn’t arrived yet! LIFE-LIFE-LIFE

while I was waiting for my friend to pick me up at the airport, some dude cut right in front of a cop, as he was pulling in to the terminal lot. as we were leaving LAX, a big ass jet passed directly overhead. it looked like it was no more than a few hundred feet above us. that’s the cool thing about flying in to LAX. if you’re in an inebriated state, you might think a plane will land on your car.

after I got freshened up, I met up with a buddy from high school, who I hadn’t seen in almost a decade. while we were walking toward the promenade, I became smitten with an AZN stunna, who was carrying a case of toilet paper. so much so, that I almost walked right in to a parking meter, good times!

we decided to hit up Barney’s Beanery, and they proceeded to totally fuck up my order. I ordered the chili with cheese and onions…and they gave me chili with no onions and beans LIFE-LIFE-LIFE also, my friend was dropping f-bombs all over the place with no rhyme or reason. actually, I think it might’ve had something to do with me mentioning the GI Joe movie. seriously, I never heard someone use so many profanities at a restaurant in my entire life. there were couples and families sitting all around us, and no one seemed to mind!

after a rather subpar meal, we walked down to the pier. I watched a guitar virtuoso who appeared to be 10 years-old playing Enter Sandman. he was really quite good, like he should be touring with the Paul Green School of Rock or sumpin’!

we checked out the arcade, went on a few rides, walked past that spot where Larry David made the off-color remark about Richard Lewis African-American doctor friend in that season 1 episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm entitled “Affirmative Action”

when we arrived back at my friend’s place, we chilled with a few beers while watching one of the Toxic Avenger movies. I had no idea, but my friend thanked me for turning him on to Troma movies 10+ years ago, when I showed him Tromeo and Juliet. clearly, a benchmark film for the Troma team! tomorrow, we would be heading down to San Diego for Comic-Con…


4 Responses to “Complete Rectal Shutdown – Day 2 – Santa Monica Promenade”

  1. Clint Says:

    “you might think a plane would land on your car” … hahaha, I get that feeling going over the 14th st bridge to DC sometimes too. Esp since the plane hit that bridge on my birthday in 1982 or 3, and my dad got home late from work about 3 hrs that nite.. no clue if he was alive.

  2. Clint Says:

    I did actually walk into a telephone pole at Ocean City this week…

    Which Toxic Avenger movie? Carolyn has seen 2 at my behest, but then after we watched it she told me she’d never seen 1! WTF!

  3. Clint Says:

    i still need to watch 1 again (for Carolyn) and 3 and 4… and my Toxic Avengers animated episodes, by the makers of Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes:The Animated Series!

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