I’m On Some Tax Free Shit All Weekend

nothing like the thought of not having to pay 5% sales tax on your next HDTV to entice consumers to spend money they might not even have. it must be tax free weekend…at the local Best Buy…if you live in Virginia. mother fuckers are buying shit like it’s crack! I’m already out of stock on Canon SD 1200s, and running low on the equally well-received Canon SD 780 (which is the camera I bought two weeks ago) I don’t wanna hafta start doing this, but gawdamnit, I might hafta start selling *gulp* Kodaks. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! we don’t even have the Nikon D40 or D60, which according to my sources, are both being discontinued, to make way for the D-3000. I’ll continue pimpin’ the Rebel XSi in the meantime. hi-def camcorders are what’s hot right now. I don’t have any Canon HF-20s in stock and I’m down to my last Canon HF-10S. I’ve been trying to convince consumers to go with flash memory camcorders as compared to hard drives. they seem all too quick to jump b/c of the built-in recording time, but flash memory camcorders have longer battery life. I hope they get a service plan on that HDD camcorder for when that hard drive fails!

world’s greatest camera salesman, Carl Brutananadilewski, demos the new Kanon FH-200


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