Bring Forth Ye Xavier: Renegade Angel Quote

while I was on vacation a coupla weeks ago in…Hollywood!!! (hold for applause) I couldn’t help but overhear all the rumours about how much of a total suck-fest the new GI Joe movie was going to be.

how good could this movie be if they don’t even offer any advanced screenings, they said…

this movie isn’t even true to the cartoon show it’s based on, they said…

why the fuck is Marlon Wayans playing Ripcord, they said…

all valid points, I said…

and sure enough, America listened to the voice of reason.


$56 million on it’s opening weekend, which would be ok, if it didn’t have a budget of $170 million.

Great job, America! looks like your brain isn’t as dumb as your legs after all. just don’t go entering your legs in any spelling bees, might get stung!



One Response to “Bring Forth Ye Xavier: Renegade Angel Quote”

  1. Clint Says:

    I’ll still check it out. But they wont make any of the missing $114M from me 🙂

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