Summer Vengeance III – Week 11 – Vendetta vs. Ami Emerson

Vendetta won Summer Vengeance I back in the ott-7. after taking last season off, she is back to reclaim her place at the Jewel Throne of Ultimate Surrender, HHHHEEEYYY!!! she went 4-0 during the regular season, with one of those wins coming against this week’s opponent, Ami Emerson. she is the #2 seed in this year’s tournament, and is arguably the most technically sound wrestler in the field. a savvy veteran, who possesses all the skills to make her a two-time champion of Summer Vengeance!

Ami Emerson is the rookie of the year for season 6, as recognized by the IGRO Writers Association. she had the most difficult string of matches for anyone this season: early losses to Ariel X and Vendetta, helped pave the way for victories against two more US veterans, in Hollie Stevens and Madison Young. she defeated Tia Ling in her first Summer Vengeance match to advance to her 1/4 rematch against Vendetta.

the first time these ladies clashed, Vendetta won by just over 100 points, in what would be her lowest point total for the season, 144. the rematch proved to be far more one-sided than their previous encounter. Vendetta’s experience and superior skillset kept Ami on the defensive for much of the match. it was all too much for Ami to overcome, as she was handed another defeat at the hands of Vendetta, 391-38. Vendetta advances to the 1/2 final where she meets Darling. surprisingly enough, the only time these two met was in the 1/2 final round of Summer Vengeance I, which Vendetta won, on her way to claiming the Summer Vengeance crown.

next week, the #1 seed, Dia Zerva is in action against Wenona, in the last of our 1/4 final matches.

Vendetta vs. Ami
Ami once again comes up short against Vendetta in 1/4 action

3 Responses to “Summer Vengeance III – Week 11 – Vendetta vs. Ami Emerson”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Not sure that Ariel can beat Vendetta on this showing. Ami has improved since the first match but the margin of victory has more than tripled. That says a lot about Vendetta’s focus on scoring points, an area where her next opponent has always been strong. Looking forward to seeing Darling fucked hard in the semi-final Rd4.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      assuming Dia beats Wenona next week, then we will have the four best athletes left on the roster. they all seem to be in top-form, so I look forward to two epic 1/2 final clashes. still, if I’m picking winners, I’ll go with Vendetta over Darling by under 100, and I’m sticking with Ariel to beat Dia, by less than 50. I’m pretty sure I’ll be in the minority of ppl who think Ariel will win. but, I’ve been trumpeting her all season, and I’m not gonna jump ship now.

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Dia will be too strong for Ariel, much as I love the latter for being such a rampant pussy hound. The hammering Dia gave Wenona in Rd4 was a delight to behold.

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