1985 James Hetfield Is The Best…

version of James Hetfield you can get, if you were limited only to picking one particular version of James Hetfield. surely, no one would ever accuse James Hetfield of being able to carry a tune. even James Hetfield knows that. but what James Hetfield lacks in vocal ability, James Hetfield more than makes up for with James Hetfield’s inate ability to drop F-bombs on the audience during live sets.

Master of Puppets is James Hetfield’s greatest work with a little known heavy metal band called…Metallica. I know, not too many ppl have heard of them, but if you can find this particular album at your local record shop, you should go ahead and pick it up. from beginning to end, this is truly one of the best metal albums ever made. and here we have a classic Metallica performance from the Metal Hammer Fest in Germany from September 1985. this is allegedly the first live performance of “Disposable Heroes” which is a fuckin’ awesome song. James Hetfield stumbles over the words James Hetfield wrote for James Hetfield to sing, a coupla times. and Cliff Burton tears it up on bass!!!

One Response to “1985 James Hetfield Is The Best…”

  1. Clint Says:

    I still like Ride The Lightning better šŸ™‚

    I did not realize “leper messiah” is a lyric from Ziggy Stardust… until this month.

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