Summer Vengeance – Week 12 – Dia Zerva vs. Wenona

the last spot in the final four of ye olde Summer Vengeance is up for grabs as regular season champion, Dia Zerva, makes her debut in this year’s tournament. she went 4-0 during the regular season, and is looking to build off her runner-up performance in last year’s Summer Vengeance. she holds impressive regular season wins over Bella Rossi and Summer Vengeance semi-finalist, Darling. but, regular season titles and #1 seeds don’t mean squadoosh if you can’t bring your “A” game in the granddaddy of all lesbian sexfight tournaments. there’s a reason why Matt seeded her #1, as Wenona would soon find out.

Wenona is a seasoned veteran, who made her Ultimate Surrender debut, all the way back in season 2. over that time, she has proven to be the most flexible competitor to ever grace the mat. she went 1-1, in limited action during season 6, and knocked off Claire “Into The Crypts of” Dames in the 1/4 finals to get to this point.

Wenona never stood a chance in this one. Dia proves why she is the top seed in this year’s tournament, as she stormed out to a 218-0 lead after round 1. no one trains harder than Dia off the mat, and it’s obvious that training has paid off. she simply overwhelmed the more-experienced Wenona, en route to a 479-25 victory. as a parting gift, a brutal assfuck awaited Wenona in round 4!

the win sets the stage for the first of two epic 1/2 final matches. Dia Zerva vs. Ariel X, in what is a rematch from a classic season 5 bout. one that was won by Ariel, in what was Dia’s debut match at Ultimate Surrender. will it be a case of history repeating? or will Dia avenge her only regular-season loss, and take another step to becoming the Queen of Summer Vengeance!

Dia vs. Wenona
#1 seed, Dia Zerva, advances to her hotly-anticipated rematch with Ariel X in next week’s 1/2 final


3 Responses to “Summer Vengeance – Week 12 – Dia Zerva vs. Wenona”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Only one question remains unanswered in this year’s SV: Will Vendetta allow herself to be assfucked by Dia in Rd4 of the final? Not sure she has ever had her bumhole penetrated on the mat before so maybe anal isn’t her bag. In which case Dia should bring in the big black cock to give her a pounding while she sits on Vendetta’s face. Or maybe the lowly ranked Annie Cruz could squirt on the loser’s face. In the absence of an assfuck the final Rd4 has to be made special somehow.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    I say Ariel X is gonna deliver one helluva an assfucking to Dia in the semi-final. Vendetta probably won’t do anal, but I’m sure Ariel will ramp up the smack talk, while she’s pounding Vendetta’s pussy in the final. Ariel is the best all-around performer on the US roster!

    btw, completely off-topic, but I just wanna give Dia a shout-out for the Squidbillies tweet earlier today. I still think Ariel beats her, but I grant Dia + 10 experience points, which she can use in season 7.

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    Dia has improved a lot since last year and will be able to wrestle at peak performance till the end of the bout this time. This and her weight advantage should ensure victory by a small margin. Ariel will then get fucked till she gapes.

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