A Reading From The Letter of huepow to Whipped Ass

when I’m not working or drinking, I’m thinking of storyline ideas to be incorporated in to lesbian femdom shoots. there’s a reason why I never bother to trash any of the msgs I send via my Kink account. like the time I sent an email to someone at Whipped Ass about an idea I had for a storyline. in a msg sent Sept. 23, 2008, huepow wrote:

I am a former member who will probably be re-joining once they post the lesbian gangbang shoot. I was just wondering if you would humour me for a moment, and give me feedback on my storyline idea.
a gal goes to an asian massage parlor for what she thinks is a day of pampering and relaxation. little does she realize, she is actually about to be used by the parlor staff. I haven’t fleshed out anything more than this, but I think Roxy Deville would be my first choice as the sub. I also thought of Carolyn Reese in this role, but I’m not sure if she does this type of work. additionally, I think Mika Tan, Annie Cruz, and Jandi Lin would be nice choices as dommes. say like Annie and Jandi are the employees, and Mika is the boss who joins in. thx for your time, and any feedback you can provide is much appreciated.

and wouldn’t you know it, a different Kink site, Wired Pussy, posted an update this week, with Tia Ling, Krissy Lynn, and Asa Akira. the premise being that a hot white chick mouths off to a coupla hot AZN manicurists. it looks like wet dreams do come true!

Wired Pussy

dream goo

judging by the amount of dream goo, it was some powerful stuff!

editor’s note: sadly, the author of this article has yet to re-join Whipped Ass


One Response to “A Reading From The Letter of huepow to Whipped Ass”

  1. Clint Says:

    hahahaha… nice relevant Xavier shot! hehe

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