When Life Imitates Art…

or in this case, when OctoMom imitates Xavier. as we all remember, it was an episode from season 1 entitled “The 6th Teat of Good Intentions” where Xavier befriended a horny old lady, who had just lost 7 of her octuplets. lucky for her, Xavier could relate, having recently become parents to septuplets. but, watch out for crazy old Snakehand!

I was watching the OctoMom special on FOX last week, and couldn’t help but notice that she only has two tits! this definitely sounds like a job for America’s #1 board-certified wahakama healer. I mean, he’s got six nipples, and a snake for a hand, in case any of OctoMom’s kids get out of line.

Xavier puts his renegade parenting skills to the test, while Snakehand eyes the leftovers


One Response to “When Life Imitates Art…”

  1. ClintJCL Says:

    hehe… that was indeed a disturbing episode!

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